Commercial Dumpster Cleaning Services

Our Commercial Dumpster Bin Cleaning Service will assist you in keeping your garbage area clean and rid of bacteria that causes the horrid smells for your residents and patrons. It will also assist in deterring unwanted pests such as ants, spiders, bees, flies, maggots, roaches and rodents. 

Our 2 in 1 Solid Waste Eco Wash Unit will hydraulically lift your dumpsters upside down to go through a high heat pressure wash and eco friendly sanitation solution in a fully automated self contained environment to keep dirty water out of our storm drains.  We will also pressure wash the outside of the dumpster to remove any bird droppings and accumulated filth from dumping trash. 

We have various frequencies and plans and offer commitment based preferred pricing for our Commercial Clients!

Residential Bin Washing Services

Our Solid Waste Eco Wash Unit will follow weekly garbage disposal routes to disinfect, sanitize and deodorize your home trash bins. We offer various frequency packages based upon the needs of our clients.  By utilizing our services you will help keep our community a beautiful place to live.  Our eco washing unit uses less than 2 gallons per cleaning.  Less water is used in 2 years of your monthly cleanings than you would use cleaning your trash bins just one time as well as keeping contaminated water and chemicals out of our storm drains. 

One Time Cleaning

Weekly – 52 cleanings

Biweekly – 26 cleanings

Monthly – 12 cleanings

Bimonthly – 6 cleanings

Quarterly – 4 cleanings

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