Terms and Conditions

Quality of service:

At Southwest Bin and Pressure Washing we hold ourselves to our Cleanliness Standard outlined below. Our cleaning techniques are the most effective and efficient in the industry and provide great results, however, trash bins that are extremely soiled with years of dumping grease, grime, etc. may cause variable results. In extreme cases, some bins may take two cleans to reach optimal cleanliness. Routine maintenance is of utmost importance when it comes to our service.

Cleanliness Standard:

  • Excess trash removed from the bin
  • Inside of the bins are washed and sanitized inside the Eco Wash Unit at 220 degrees F.
  • Deodorized once cleaning complete
  • High Touch areas sanitized and wiped clean
  • Sani-ty Sticker placed once our service is complete with service date


We optimize our routes based on trash and recycle bin disposal routes. We do our best to accommodate customers wishing to reschedule, but it isn’t always possible. Rescheduling more than 14 days prior to your scheduled cleaning day will give us the best chance to serve you properly.

Missed Appointments:

Occasionally our trucks are not operational due to weather, mechanical issues, etc., but we will make every effort to avoid service disruption. Should your service date be missed because trucks are not operational, we will do our best to reschedule the very next business day.

If you miss an appointment due to your disposal routes being interrupted, please leave your bin out the following morning and we will do our best to service your bin the very next day.

If you miss an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances on your end, as a courtesy, we will attempt to reschedule the following week if our route demand allows us to with no disruption to our other clients.

Holiday Clause:

If your scheduled cleaning service falls on a government holiday and disposal pick up is closed, as a courtesy we will attempt to reschedule a week early or a week later depending on service demand. We will confirm via text communication.

We reserve the right to reschedule service if needed, however, we will communicate the rescheduling.


Subscription Client; All plans have a 3-visit minimum, cancellations prior to 3 visits will incur a cancellation fee of equal to or less than the value of 3 visits.

Pre-paid client: no refunds will be issued after your first cleaning. We will execute the remainder of our agreement. If you must cancel prior to starting your service after payment has been made, a fee of $37.50 will be applied and the remainder of your balance will be refunded.


All billing is done using a credit card that is stored on file. You can choose to pay via bank routing information to save 3% fee + .30 cents on your service. We will charge an immediate processing fee of $1 for both commercial and residential clients. All payments will be processed and withdrawn the 1st Monday of each month unless your agreement is paid in full.

Full Bins / Not-Emptied Bins:

No refunds or rescheduling will occur for full bins unless your service was disrupted by a disposal route interruption. [See Missed Appointments for more info.] We will not touch or service full garbage bins. Our drivers will remove up to two bags of trash upon his/her discretion to complete the service. PLEASE NOTE: Drivers will not touch hazardous materials, construction materials, or anything that may cause harm to a human. Bagged trash will be replaced in the bin once service is complete.

Multiple Bins:

Our monthly and bi-weekly service residential model covers the cleaning of 2 bins per visit. If multiple garbage or recycling cans exist you must pay for each additional bin. If you choose to rotate your trash cans without purchasing additional service, our drivers will only execute service on what is purchased. (Ex: leaving 4 bins out and only paying for 2 will only get 2 bins serviced)

Outside City Limits / No Recycle Bin:

If a service stop contains only 1 garbage bin due to location and no recycle bin, no proration or discount will exist. If you have two total garbage bins and no recycle bin outside city limits, we will execute both bins at the time of service for no additional cost.

Damaged Bins:

Damaged Bins prior to our arrival will be documented by our driver before our service. A one-time text confirmation or phone call may occur by our driver to continue with our services. A 5-minute waiting period will be allowed.

If we damage the bin during our service routine, we will reimburse your replacement fee from your disposal service once your bin has been replaced.