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What is a trash can cleaning service?

By January 15, 2022January 18th, 2022No Comments

What is a trash can cleaning service?

1/15/2022 | by SWBPW


You may have seen dad or grandpa pouring bleach and dish soap into the trash can years ago to clean. Or maybe you’ve found yourself using the water hose and some detergent to get rid of the horrid smell coming from your trash bin.  Or maybe you’re the outlier and have not taken the time to clean your trash can. Instead, you just bear the nasty stench of bacteria making a home out of your garbage bin.  A trash can cleaning service leaves the dirty work for those crazy enough to face it head-on.   


Much like a lawn care or pest control service, a trash can cleaning service is a maintenance routine that helps give you time back while upkeeping your home chores. For many years there has not been a solid solution for cleaning your trash can other than doing it the old-fashioned way with a pressure washing hose and any cleaning chemical you can get your hands on.  Over the past 5 years, there has been a new waste management service sweeping the country by storm with modern equipment and eco-friendly solutions. 


Southwest Bin and Pressure Washing offers this modern solution by utilizing a self-containing solid waste eco wash unit.  This solid waste eco wash unit follows and mimics disposal routes in your city.  With hydraulic arms, the unit lifts your bins into the hopper where two specialized rotating heads begin a  heated pressure wash near 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps kill most bacterias in your bin as bacteria die instantly at around 160 degrees Fahrenheit.  Since it is self-contained, all contaminated water is captured and is disposed of properly.  The service also includes a pressure washing of the outside of your bin as well as deodorizing the sanitized inside to round out the first-class service.  


If you’re interested in having your bins professionally cleaned by these services, please hit the “Book Now” button at the top of this website or reaching out to the information below.


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