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How often should I clean my trash can?

How often should I clean my trash can?

1/24/2022 | by SWBPW


Trash bin washing is most effective when under a maintenance plan.  The frequency of washes depends upon what kind of waste you have, how much waste you may be dumping, and where you live.  The majority of us keep our kitchen clean and tidy before, during, and after cooking to keep bacteria from spoiling our food or making us sick.  However, where does all of the food waste and chemicals we use get dumped?  


You got it. It sits in that waste management issued trash bin anywhere from one to six days at a time becoming a bacteria-infested pit.  The build-up of this bacteria causes terrible odors and attracts unwanted pests and insects. Depending on your geographical location you may see different wildlife, rodents, or insects become attracted to your trash cans.  You can easily combat this problem effectively by utilizing a Professional Trash Bin Washing service.  


For the majority of our clients, we recommend a monthly service plan in which we schedule you once a month around your current waste management routes. If you have more waste such as dog poop, baby diapers, or other highly infectious waste, we recommend a bi-weekly maintenance plan that will follow the schedule of your waste management and recycling route.  Our outlier plan is our weekly service route, this route is primarily made for our commercial clients however if you dispose of medical waste or other potentially hazardous waste on top of the normal food waste, home waste, dog fecal matter, or baby human fecal matter we recommend following a weekly maintenance plan. 


If you’re interested in having your bins professionally cleaned by these services, please hit the “Book Now” button at the top of this website or reaching out to the information below.


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